The Story

An Italian story would not be complete without love, passion and a zest for life. It is this same passion with which Italians prepare every meal. The La Gina story is no different....

L'Amour, La Storia, La Gina

La Gina Brand History

Stemming from the seed of a romantic yearning for an iconic Italian beauty, the La Gina brand has quickly blossomed into an iconic Italian product of its own.

In the early 1960's Carlo Valmorbida, an Italian migrant to Australia, was one of the many fans mesmerised by Gina Lollobrigida, a famous Italian actress who was recognised for her overwhelming beauty and sensuality.

Luscious, passionate and sun-kissed, Gina Lollobrigida represented everything Carlo remembered of his beloved homeland. Capitalising on Gina's popularity and link to Italy, Carlo was inspired to name his quality Italian canned tomatoes, La Gina and so a brand was formed.

From modest beginnings as a brand of canned tomatoes with limited distribution, La Gina quickly gathered momentum. Word of mouth advertising helped La Gina establish itself as a 'premium Italian quality' tomato brand.

In the early nineties, La Gina's reputation in the contintal market as an integral Italian ingredient helped gain access into the grocery market. And now, after establishing itself as a premium food brand, La Gina has taken its Italian passion to other categories in the supermarket, with the recent launch of La Zuppa Soups.

La Zuppa soups, which was launched in 2008, is a premium all natural soup made to traditional recipes. Packed in conveniently microwaveable packaging, it is ready to eat in just 2 minutes which makes it perfect for those on the go.

So if you've never been to Italy let La Gina inspire you and give you a taste of what awaits you there......


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