La Dolce Vita


The biggest island in the Mediterranean with food and wine central to its attraction.  Citrus fruits of lemons, tangerines and bloods oranges, along with olives, almonds and prickly pears thrive on the island.  Pasta forms part of the Sicilian diet and is often served with a rich, spicy tomato sauce. Surrounded by water, seafood also plays an important role in Sicilian cooking.

The wine best known for the island is Marsala.  A fortified wine that was originally made to last long sea journeys. Marsala wine was traditionally served as an aperitif.  Nowadays, it is frequently used in cooking - in particular to create the best Sicilian meat dish of Vitello al Marsala (veal Marsala).  Another regional must have is Caponata, a salad of eggplant (aubergines), olives, capers, tomatoes and celery which makes a great appetizer.

But Sicilia is not just about food, wine and beaches.  It is also home to Medieval castles, towers, churches, Baroque churches, Greek temples, cities and amphitheatres and Roman settlements.  Having been ruled by Asians, Africans and Europeans, Sicilia is a multicultural melting pot of history.

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