Pasta Sauces

La Gina Premium Pasta Sauces follows a traditional Italian recipe to provide the perfect base for a rich and authentic Italian flavour.

The La Gina pasta sauce and tomato puree make a delicious sauce for meat, poultry & seafood as well as a fantastic casserole base and pizza topping.  The pasta sauce range is available in Plain and Basil varieties and comes in a 690ml glass bottle. The La Gina Passata also comes in a handy 500g Tetra pack to fit neatly in the pantry.

Q: How is La Gina Pasta Sauce different to Passata?
A: Pasta Sauce has some flavour added to it (ie, salt and onion powder). Although La Gina pasta sauce has some flavouring it is still a cooking base sauce, meaning you need to add extra ingredients to complete your recipe.

Available At
La Gina Pasta Sauce (Plain) is available nationally at selected independent grocery stores, and Safeway supermarkets.
La Gina Pasta Sauce (with Basil) is available in selected Woolworths supermarkets, and selected independent grovery stores.


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