La Zuppa is a range of wholesome vegetable soups that are made to traditional recipes and taste like real home-made soup!

Made from only the freshest garden vegetables and 100% pure vegetable stock, La Zuppa is the ideal healthy meal for people on the go.

Served in a convenient microwavable bowl, La Zuppa takes 2 minutes to prepare, is packed with vitamins and nutrients and is the only soup on the market that has all the flavour and quality of an authentic soup that you would make for yourself at home.

Try La Zuppa and you'll taste the difference. La Zuppa, it's Italian for soup!

The soup is...

- 99% fat free
- no artificial additives
- gluten free
- suitable for vegetarians and vegans
- MSG free
- low GI
- preservative free
- free of colours 
- free of thickeners

La Zuppa is available in 10 delicious varieties:

-  A delicious blend of vegetables and beans made to an authentic Italian recipe

Tuscan Bean
-  A hearty Tuscan style soup filled borlotti and white beans

-  A wholesome soup filled sweet and nourishing pumpkin

-  A tasty blend of vegetables and spicy brown lentils

Cauliflower and Pea
-  A creamy blend of cauliflower and sweet garden peas


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